Flight Lit Analysis

Topics: Learning, Sherman Alexie, Oglala Lakota Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Finding Your True Self

“A man travels the world over, in search of what he needs and returns home to find it”. This quote by George Moore, who was an Irish novelist, poet and art critic, says that sometimes you have to go to different places, and have different experiences to find out more about yourself. The novel Flight, by Sherman Alexie, has an orphaned Indian boy named Zits, who travels back and forth through time in a violent search for his true identity. Alexie shows that to know one’s true identity, a person must understand his or her place in the world by using diction, setting, and characterization.

The first thing he uses is diction. At the beginning of the book, Zits doesn’t like the way he looks because of what he got from his father. “I’m ashamed that I look like a bag of zits tied to a broomstick” (4). The way that Alexie compares Zits’ looks to a broomstick, makes picturing it very clear and vivid. Zits, at first, hated who he was, and was not proud to be himself. Another example was when he was at the psychiatrist and the doctor tells Zits things about himself. “Maybe that doctor was right about me. Maybe I’m doomed to fill my empty life with fires and fists. Maybe I’m doomed to spend the rest of my life in jail cells like this one” (27). The author repeats the word ‘maybe’ to emphasize how he keeps on questioning his identity and whether Zits is going to end up like his dad.

Next he uses setting to reveal where Zits is at, in finding his identity. One place where it happened, was when he woke up to be in a body of an FBI agent, named Hank. “Red River Nannapush Indian Reservation”(43). Zits gets to be on an indian reservation in modern times and learns the truth about the civil war on the Red River. This setting helps set where Zits was in Hank’s body. Zits learns that killing doesn’t make any sense, and that he himself can’t even kill a person that is already dead, let alone kill a person that is alive, which he goes back to the bank...
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