Flight 001 Case Study

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Employment Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Maslow's Hierarchy and Associate
In accordance to Maslow’s hierarchy, Amanda Shank’s former employers failed to meet many of her motivational needs. Currently, Amanda is the assistant store leader at Flight 001 and she is highly motivated and dedicated to her place of employment (Motivating Employees, pg.1-2). Maslow’s hierarchy of motivational needs break down into five groups of importance (Griffin, 2011, pg. 512). The needs that apply to Amanda are belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization; moreover, none of which she felt where satisfied with her previous jobs.

The motivational needs for Amanda at her prior work locations were simply not ideal for any employee. She recalls being told “You’re just a number. You can be replaced at any time.” (Motivating Employees, pg. 2). This would be detrimental to her self-esteem. In this particular situation an unjustified comment such as this would also be harmful to her self-actualization needs. In the next statement she clearly has a great sense of belongingness after saying, “I’ve definitely worked places where I felt like the owners just didn’t care, and so it’s sort of if they don’t care why should I? But I feel like they really value their store, and it’s contagious.” (Motivating Employees, pg. 1). Amanda recants often during the interview about the leadership by example and her motivation needs are now met as the outcome.

In retrospect, to analyze Amanda’s former experiences to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs one must have an overall understanding of motivational tactics. Some of the tactics the former employers could have used during Amanda’s situation could had been leading by example, giving her a sense of self-worth, respecting her and valuing her opinions more often. Also, in regards to potential Amanda is a highly determined individual and her former employers should have taken the time to understand her strengths and weaknesses. Employees are unwavering to feel needed; therefore, strong and...
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