Flexible Learning Online

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Flexible Learning Online
I enrolled at Western Governors University (WGU) because the program was more flexible, cost-effective and geared towards helping me obtain a degree than other online degree programs. I can complete my WGU courses around my schedule with a minimum weekly time commitment. Because I can set my pace, I can graduate faster, saving thousands of dollars while earning my degree. WGU actually encourages accelerated education and provides personal mentors and course mentors to help me reach my goals by keeping me on track. When I began my search for an online degree program that fit my life I was very discouraged. Many online degree programs require you to participate in group projects and attend scheduled online lectures in addition to completing weekly assignments. I could not see myself dutifully turning in homework after a fifty-hour work week and caring for my family and home. WGU is very different from those programs. WGU curriculum is entirely self-study and based on my own competency. Instead of wasting time on tasks, group course work and message boards, I can dedicate my valuable time to studying only the information I don’t already know. Many WGU courses have pre-assessments that help me determine which topics I should focus on to prepare for the final project or assessment. I am able to use my time efficiently while successfully meeting WGU’s time commitment requirement of at least twenty hours per week. I complete course reading on my lunch breaks at work and spend an hour studying after my family goes to bed. The flexibility of self-directed learning makes earning my degree stress-free and rewarding. WGU also reduces stress on my wallet. When you enroll at WGU you are paying for the use of the university’s resources every term instead of paying for credit hours. WGU is a nonprofit university that offers curriculum created by other learning organizations making it a bargain compared to other online programs. Once I pay a term’s...
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