Flex Time

Topics: Working time, Flexible, Employment Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: February 21, 2012
Have you ever felt like work just got in the way of your life? I have had that experience, multiple times, particularly since I had children. Believe me, it takes a lot of work sometimes to be a Super Mom, or Dad or for that matter the Super Student. The balance between life and work is frequently very hard to come by. The one possible solution that I will offer up is to work flexible hours. But the question which is not as easy to an answer is whether employees should be allowed to work Flex Hours?

I do believe that flex hours can be a terrific option for many people, but it is not necessary the best option for all people.

SO what is Flex time? Well that is actually quite flexible. It can mean different schedules for all of those who partake in it. Basically it is any combination of hours worked that deviate from a standard 8 to 5. You could have a Standard Flex which for example could be where you work either 6 to 3 every day, or 8 to 5 all days except for the day you have class, which is when you work 7 to 4. It could also be the option of working a regular 7-4, 7:30-4:30, or 8-5 schedule. And yet another option may be to put all your hours in Monday through Thursday and get a three day weekend. Whatever it may be, it is usually fairly standard and predictable week to week.

Another option is the daily flex, which allows you to set your schedule as needed depending on your personal and work obligations. This would be helpful to those trying to juggling kid’s or other family obligations, doctors’ appointments, or other appointments that would fall during regular working hours.

Flex time is actually not a new concept. It is a business reality that has been gaining steam since the 1990’s. As of a 2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, about 30 percent of employees in the job market worked under this classification of flex time. Given the rise of laptops, the internet, and telecommuting jobs I can see how this is a rising possibility....
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