Flaws of Standardized Testing

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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As a Senior applying to colleges, I have taken both the ACT and SAT multiple times. And I hate them. And it's not just because I have to get up early on a Saturday morning. But whoever created these tests surely isn't a teenager who loves their sleep. But that's beside the point. In today's society, they have become too important of a factor in the college admission process. They have the potential to be the only thing that prevents one from getting into a school of their dreams. Therefore, standardized tests, including the ACT and SAT, shouldn’t be as important in the college admission process as they currently are.

Standardized tests don't allow equal opportunity for success as they favor affluent students. Those at a disadvantage include minority groups and students coming from families with low incomes. Rich students can afford to take test preparatory classes such as Kaplan or The Princeton Review. However, those not as wealthy don't have this excess money to spend on nonessential things such as test preparation. Additionally, research shows that students score an additional 30 points for every $10,000 of their parent's income. Also, wealthy students can afford to take the tests multiple times. This has been shown to increase test scores by as much as 100 points. Again, poor students don't have this luxury. Suppose you were living in extreme poverty. You were barely surviving day to day and you don't know when the next meal is coming. You have managed to take the ACT or SAT once but spending that much needed money on a test retake would possibly deprive your family of necessary items.

Furthering the aforementioned, the tests are inherently biased. These standardized tests tend to favor males. In fact, studies have shown that boys score slightly higher than girls across all races. despite boys' lower grades in high school. Moreover, the fast paced timing of the test favors males over females as males are more likely to take...
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