Flaws of Jurassic Park

Topics: Jurassic Park, Dinosaur, Computer Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: November 13, 2011
Based on the readings, web notes, and class discussions, Jurassic Park was doomed to fail from the start. Malcolm warned that Jurassic Park was a useless expenditure based on the research he had done with his Chaos Theory. He cautioned from the start that the animals would end up acting unpredictably and the island would be a disaster. The five major design flaws of Jurassic Park are- they had limited knowledge about the dinosaurs and the environment they needed to live in, they assumed that the dinosaurs would be similar to passive zoo animals, they assumed the dinosaurs would not be able to get out of their cages and/or off of the island, they did not understand that the dinosaurs were intelligent and hunted in packs and had the capacity to kill humans, and Hammond did not want to waste resources on staff so he had the whole island almost entirely controlled by a computer program.

The first error Jurassic Park encountered was that they had very limited knowledge about the nature of the dinosaurs and the environment they needed to live in. When Malcolm and the others convene with Hammond to begin the tour, Malcolm notes that Jurassic Park takes animals that have not existed for many years and attempts to re-create their environment. Malcolm says that this is very unconventional as it should be that animals are taken that already exist and their environment is modified. Because they had limited knowledge about the environments that the dinosaurs inhibited many years ago, they were left to assume what plants should be placed with the dinosaurs and what commodities they needed to thrive. It was also assumed that since the dinosaurs were all female, they could not reproduce on their own, but hatched eggshells were soon discovered on the tour that showed otherwise.

The next issue with Jurassic Park was that Hammond assumed that the dinosaurs would act like zoo animals, being very docile and quite easy to control. But, the natural nature of dinosaurs is quite...
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