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aMatt Giacoletti

Character I chose: Nelson (Kiefer Sutherland)
A) Nelson is at a post-conventional morality, which is level 3, stage 5, because he is looking beyond the rules of society and making decision for himself. In other words, he is redefining society as he sees it instead of accepting society’s old worldview.

B) A relativist is someone who takes life as constantly changing, depending in his or her perspective of this situation. The view of life changes, as you change your perspective. Nelson is a relativist because he is the first one to take the risk and to take reality into his own hands by going under first.

C) Nelson is a non-consequentialist because although he has flashbacks every time he goes under, he is the one who continues to proceed with this experiment regardless of the consequences. 2. The movie, Flatliners, is about realizing we cannot just shove our fallings or failing actions in a corner of our mind and move on with our lives. But rather, we need to confront them or they will haunt us for the rest of our lives. In other words, we need to be willing to accept all the consequences of our actions, regardless of what they might be. Two scenes that this is evident is when Nelson is constantly flashed back to accidently killing Billy Mahoney. His action to harass Billy forever haunts him. When Nelson as a child, throws a rock at Billy, Billy falls off the tree and suffers head trauma and eventually dies. Nelson is forever haunted and is felt responsible for the death of his schoolmate. Another scene, where this is true is when Julia Roberts walks in on her dad over dosing on drugs. Her mother tells her that it is her fault for her father’s death, when it really is not. She is forced to live with this and push it away, or else she is forced to be haunted for her life. 3. The quote “Everything Matters!! Everything we do matters!!!” is important and true because as...
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