Flatland by Edwin Abbot: The Third Dimension

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  • Topic: Dimension, Flatland, Cartesian coordinate system
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  • Published : February 20, 2011
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Flatland is a vast plane where squares, triangles and other figures live and move freely. But they don’t know of our 3 dimensional. They are figures that have neither height nor depth. It starts with the dream of Arthur Square. Arthur Square dreamed of a point, a square parallel to itself 8 times that formed a circular formation and in the middle a super square. But he was waked up by his wife, telling him to escort his granddaughter Hex to school before going to his work. On the way to Hex’s school, he explained the connection between each figures. He also explained that the more sides, you have the more angles, you have the higher your position in society. In that case the highest positioned figures were the circles, believing they have infinite sides and angles. The circles make laws that other figures obey. Then after successfully escorting his granddaughter to school he rushed rapidly to his work. Then he was scolded by their supervisor a circle. Then several minutes later the highest positioned circle called all employees for a meeting. Discussing about the fourth dimension, then in the Visual Aid for the meeting he saw an exact figure like in his dream. In his house while they are eating their dinner, Hex asked about the meaning of dimension. He explained the point, the line and a figure. But Hex got an additional question about having a super square in the middle of the circular formation of the 6 parallel points, lines and figure. Hex also included that the figure she formed maybe the thing that is in area 33H. Being a protected grandfather he shouted telling her not to go area 33H because the council doesn’t tolerate curiosity. Hex ran to her room crying. Then Arthur’s wife explained to Hex that Arthur is just protecting her. Then she gave her the things of Hex’s mother. Then while Arthur was sleeping he was sent to another dimension. He saw the point with its zero dimension and the line...
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