Flash of Genius

Topics: Intellectual property, Robert Kearns, Windscreen wiper Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Reaction Paper: Flash of Genius

The movie Flash of Genius which is based on a true story depicts a battle of an innovator against a big company for patent infringement. Bob Kearns who invented the intermittent windscreen wiper did not hesitate to file a case against one of the biggest automotive companies, Ford corporation. Kearns’ situation is a classic example of a David and Goliath story. No matter how small you are in the eyes of dominant people, you can still achieve triumph as long as you are determined and certain for what you’re fighting for. What Mr. Kearns went through speaks of the many other innovators who were also put down by other big industries. For innovators like him, money would be worthless if their exclusive rights for a certain invention are stolen from them. It’s just normal for Mr. Kearns to react that way because his distinction as an innovator was taken for granted. Despite the huge amount of bribe offered two Mr. Kearns, he still sticked to his conviction which really inspired me. He also proved that nothing would be impossible for a man that practices his profession ethically.

Engineers are expected to create something innovative that would benefit mankind. As a future engineer, I was motivated to contribute a significant impact on the society out of my own terms in the future. In my opinion, innovators should set aside personal interests to come up with an efficient design. As portrayed in the story, Mr. Kearns intention is to raise a lot of money out of his invention which is just normal for a man who is raising quite many kids. Setting his personal interests aside, indeed, his invention contributed a lot in the society in terms of the convenience and safety of a vehicle bearer. One important lesson gained from Ford Company is not to mimic what they had done. This can really affect one’s reputation and credibility as innovators. As long as there is a fair trial, nothing can escape from the law. It is also important to know...
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