Flapper and Boyish Bobs

Topics: Flapper, Charleston, Black Bottom Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: January 23, 2013
* New ideal arose: close-fitting felt hats; bright, waist less dresses an inch above the knees; skin-toned silk stockings; sleek pumps; strings of beads; and bracelets. * New trend of clipping long hair into boyish bobs and dyed them jet black. * With the ending touches of rouge on the checks and “kissproof” lipstick on the lips. * Introduction to the Miss America Pageant in 1921.

* New trend caused females to become assertive; in their bid for equal status with men, some began smoking cigarettes and drinking in public. * Flappers’ strive to equality with men cause the Double Standard. * With new boyish bobs cause the invention of bobby pins later on. * New cosmetics companies and products emerged.

* New hair salons as well as hair products developed.
* When hemlines began to rise, several states made laws charging fines to women wearing skirts with hemlines more than three inches above the ankle, and many employers fired women who bobbed their hair. * Flappers began to star on magazine and newspaper covers like the “McClures” * The movie Flapper had been released to notify the public of the new trend and fad. * Flappers caused the beginning of dating as we call it today. * Flappers were some of the first to drive cars.

* Flappers were one of the first women who began to go to clubs and bars. * Jazz dancing was increased by the flapper’s new outfits. * Flappers were known to rebel against the old stale ways of the older generation. * Flappers caused the result of increase in women’s independence. * New dances were introduced by the Flappers like the Charleston, Black Bottom, and the Shimmy. * Flappers broke away from the Victorian image of womanhood and they created what they considered the “new” or “modern” women. * Stock market crash brought the flapper era to an end.
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