Flame Test: To Observe the Flame Colors of Various Heated Metal Ions

Topics: Sodium chloride, Flame, Potassium Pages: 7 (1068 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Flame Tests

Aim:to observe the flame colours of various heated metal ions.

Each metal ion will produce a different flame colour, as the ions are being heated the electrons become excited, and jump up an energy level, as they fall back down they will produce a light, the colour of the light varies due to each element having a different line emission spectrum.


- Barium Chloride

- Calcium Chloride

- Copper(II) Chloride

- Potassium Chloride

- Lithium Chloride

- Strontium Chloride

- Sodium Chloride

- 10 ml Concentrated Hydrochloric acid

- Nichrome Wire

- Watch glass

- 100 ml Beaker

- Bunsen burner

- Bench mat


1. Collected safety equipment: glasses, lab coat

2. Set up Bunsen burner and turned to a blue flame

3. Next the Nichrome wire was dipped into the hydrochloric acid and held over the blue flame in order to clean it.

4. A small amount of Strontium chloride was poured onto the watch glass.

5. The wire was then dipped into the acid again and then into the strontium chloride, the wire was then held over the blue flame and the strontium chloride produced a red flame.

6. This result was then recorded

7. These steps were repeated for each work station

Safety hazards & management:

Table 1. Hazard and risk management

|Hazard |Risk |Management | |Barium Chloride |Irritant in cases of skin and eye |Eye: Flush eye with water for 15 minutes | | |contact, prolonged exposure is |Skin: Wash with soap and water | | |hazardous to respiratory, nervous |Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. | | |and cardiovascular systems. |Spill: Mop up with water | |Calcium Chloride |Irritant in cases of skin and eye |Eye: Flush eye with water for 15 minutes | | |contact. Hazardous in cases of both|Skin: flush skin with plenty of water | | |inhalation and ingestion. |Inhalation: remove to fresh air | | | |Ingestion: do not induce vomiting – seek medical attention immediately. Remove | | | |restrictive clothing. | | | |Spill: remove the material and wipe over with water. | |Copper(II) Chloride |Irritant in cases of contact with |Eyes: Flush with water for 15 minutes | | |eyes and skin, also if swallowed or|Skin: Remove contaminated clothing and flush skin with water. Inhalation: | | |inhaled. Toxic if swallowed. |Remove to fresh air. | | | |Ingestion: Wash mouth out with water – seek medical attention immediately. | | | |Spill: vacuum or sweep up material, dispose in suitable container. Do not let | | |...
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