Flame Test Lab

Topics: Chemical element, Metal, Chemical compound Pages: 3 (660 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Flame Test Lab

Question: When a compound is placed in the flame of a burner, what happens to the color of the flame? Hypothesis: When the compound is placed in the flame, the flame changes color depending on the chemical compound. When they’re heated, they gain energy and changed color sometimes.

Safety Requirements for this Lab: Wear goggles at all times. If you want to remove them to write in your notebook you may sit at a table in the center of the room. When you sit down remove them and when you stand up put them on. Use aprons. Pull back hair. No loose clothing. Close-toed shoes. NO FOOLING AROUND. It is very important that you DO NOT mix up the nichrome wire hands.

Background Information: When chemical compounds are heated, hey gain energy. The electrons in some of these chemicals will jump from their ground state electron configuration (such as the electron configurations we have ben drawing for the elements) to higher energy levels. As these electrons fall back to their original positions in the atom, they emit energy. One form of this energy is light energy. This is what you will be observing in this experiment.


· Nichrome wire wand
· Test tubes containing water
· Test tubes containing 6M hydrochloric acid as needed to clean wire · Test tubes containing:

Copper sulfate
Potassium sulfate
Copper nitrate
Potassium nitrate
Strontium nitrate
Calcium nitrate
Copper chloride
Strontium chloride
Calcium chloride
Cobalt chloride
Sodium chloride
Sodium nitrate
Sodium sulfate
Barium clroride
Calcium nitrate
· Tirrel burner
· Matches
· Goggles
· Apron

Work in teams of two
At each table there are two samples and two tirrel burners and matches. Start the burner as you have learned to do and obtain a low blue flame with the inner blue flame. Next take the nichrome wire and place in the flame. Noticed its color when it becomes red hot. This is not the color of the...
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