Flame Lab

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Flame lab test


The lab test performed was to determine characteristic colors that were produced by specific metallic ions that are shown in a flame. This happens when an electron gains energy; the electron moves from an energy level that’s farthest away and to an empty orbital close to the nucleus with higher levels, so one of the electrons gives off energy. A flame test is a visual test where the energy is in the form of a color change and the change can be seen based off it. Therefore, different metals emit different color. When a metallic ion is heated in a flame test the heat, presented as energy, causes electrons to level from grounded state to excited state. When it returns to a lower energy state, the energy becomes a visible light. This depends the amount of energy released.

The color is caused by the movement from the electrons ground state to their excited state. When the electron tries to move back to the ground state it emits energy that is called photon, and this is how the light becomes visible. Each “jump” an electron makes involves an amount of energy that is released as a light energy and a result of a specific color. As a result, the jumps those electrons have made produces colored lines. The exact sizes from the jumps made from the electron energy vary from a metal ion to another. So each different ion will have a different pattern of a spectral light and so a different flame color.

The purpose of the lab is to determine the characteristic colors produced by certain metallic ions when vaporized in a flame and identify unknown metallic ions by means of their flame tests.

•Barium Chloride•Calcium Chloride •Cupric Chloride
•Lithium Chloride •Potassium Chloride •Sodium Chloride
•Strontium Chloride •Bunsen burner •Flint striker
•Wooden splints •Goggles

1. Prepare the Bunsen burner as discussed in class....
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