Flag Burning Position Paper: to Burn or Not to Burn?

To burn or not to burn?
The controversial subject of flag burning has been thoroughly debated amongst Americans. Episodes of flag burning can be viewed throughout history. There have been many bills passed through legislature that would have made flag burning illegal. However, the vote was split because some Americans view these events of protest as the right of freedom of speech while others view it as being unpatriotic.

The Supreme Court views the issue of flag burning as a right given to Americans under the First Amendment. A bill was proposed to the legislature and while it made it through Congress, it did not pass with the required 2/3 vote in the Senate. However, many Americans believe that the flag does not just symbolize the government, but the nation as a whole. Amendments to ban flag burning would in fact give people the freedom to protect the flag and its meaning but would be invasive to our first amendment right. Hence, taking away the actual meaning of the flag as a symbol of freedom.

Flag burning is the most common method of disposing of an old or damaged flag. It is actually recommended by Congress. A flag is deemed fit for burning when it is damaged or is no longer the emblem that it is meant to be. Protesters can use this on a technicality as well, stating that due to the problems with the government, the flag is no longer the emblem that it originally was.

A common argument against flag burning is that soldiers not only fought for the actual material of the flag but also for the ideals behind it, including our freedoms. Burning the flag in protest is our right as stated by the Constitution. If we allow our government to ban flag burning, it is no longer a matter of protecting our flag's meaning because the more restrictive our government becomes, the more we lose the meaning of the flag. Our flag symbolizes the freedom of our nation and its immense diversity. With this much diversity, we must keep everyone's opinion in mind. If we take...
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