Flag Burn

VPer. 2


Flag burning is a ruthless and disrespectful act, and should be banned. It is a lack of patriotism, and is a just a horrible thing to do. There shall be a law to ban this act. First point, flag burning is not freedom of speech. People often say that we shouldn’t worry about it because its freedom of speech. But that’s not the case. Burning a flag is physical action, and has nothing to do with speech. Nothing is said when your burning a flag. You can’t burn a flag with your mouth, unless if you are a fire-type Pokémon. According to former baseball manager Tommy Lasorda, he says that “Speech is when you talk.” This is exactly correct. There is nothing written, or said, burning the flag is destructive, and disloyal.

My second point is that the flag is an important symbol. The flag is a powerful and essential symbol of a nation. It embodies strength of the unity of that nation. It also stands for liberty, loyalty and represents the men and women who have fought to make that country great as it is. Bitterness, sorrow, and pride. But when somebody burns that flag, it is just disrespectful, hurtful, and rude to the people who are living in that country, and those who also died when they were in war, etc.

Which also ties in with my third point. We must protect the national symbol. It is not a moral thing to do by just standing there and allow the desecration of the flag. It is just an outrage. People who love that country should go out, and tell Congress to make an amendment to ban all flag burning. Because this is inhumane. We shouldn’t tolerate these painful acts that can be most likely hurtful to people. Citizens should protect the beloved flag from malicious acts and

HUANG, VICTOR (pg.2) destruction.

In conclusion, Flag burning is...
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