Five Year Plan

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Five Year Plan

The moment I graduate from high school with all my fellow seniors it will be a great moment as I cross the stage I’ve been working towards all these long four years. After receiving my diploma after all the hard work I’ve done, it will show me that all these obstacles I had to face built my character and meant something. After graduation is over I will most likely move to Dallas anywhere from two months to a year. So I will most likely be attending UT Dallas taking online courses, and some on campus classes. I want to double major in business management and culinary arts. I hope to someday to open my own restaurant with the skills I will learn over the years of experience I shall receive at the college or university I attend of my choice. My dreams have always been to make people happy with my cooking. Cooking with your feelings I believe affects your customer, if you make something while you’re happy it will make your customer happy as well. When I come back from Dallas, and move back into San Antonio I plan to start attending St. Philips. Finishing up all the work I need to start my dream business, and make a living for myself and my family. At St. Philips I will most likely get some basics done, and hopefully some on the job training. For two years I will attend St. Philips for my associate’s degree, from there I will work at a regular restaurant earning the money I need to open a business. Hopefully within a year or two it will be enough, either that or I will get a loan. I just have to make sure that I will have stability if anything at first before trying to open my own restaurant. I think after three years or so passes from my graduation I would want to start a family with my fiancé who during this time I would be going on seven years of being together and most likely three years of marriage. If I see my college education is going well and our relationship is going well I plan to start a family. Because I always wanted to hear the...
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