Five Year Business Plan

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Five-Year Marketing Plan
Wing Zone Restaurant

Executive Summary
As a fairly recent employee and consumer, I am writing this five year marketing plan to show the ability this company has to expand into additional markets and be a viable franchise in additional locations throughout the Midwest. This plan is to secure finances for expansion in the direct area and in later years set up franchising to investors in different areas of the Midwest. The current local market has been extremely receptive to the products offered and assisted us in incorporating new products into our expanding line. Company Description

Wing Zone is one of the nation's fastest-growing takeout/delivery chains — known for its 15 award-winning flavors of fresh, cooked-to-order chicken wings, fingers, chicken sandwiches, burgers and more. Wing Zone has nearly 100 locations operating nationwide and 30 more in development. Interest in Wing Zone has significantly “heated up” since receiving coverage on Food Network’s “Roker on the Road”, ESPN's "Cold Pizza", and inclusion on Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 Fastest Growing U.S. Private Companies, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500, and Franchise Times’ Fast 55. In 1991, on the campus of the University of Florida, Matt Friedman and Adam Scott had a dilemma there was no alternative to pizza delivery for students studying late or suffering from the late night munchies. To fill this void, Matt and Adam developed the Wing Zone concept, and with it a great business opportunity. Today there are Wing Zone restaurants in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Maryland, New Jersey, and Colorado. Mission and Goals

In order to make the restaurant a success a number of strategies must be put in place. The menu must not be too cheap, or too expensive, for the area. Both sides of that spectrum could ruin the establishment. Also, the promotion and advertising of the restaurant must be handled in a responsible manner in order to reach the maximum number of people. Advertisements in newspapers, on radio, and by means of special displays are all ways in which Wing Zone could reach its customers. The company must also pay close attention to the weaknesses and threats that this region will offer, and capitalize on the strengths and opportunities that it also offers. Wing Zone would be a big success in this region thanks to its unique menu items and its take-out dining style. Our goals for the coming years should be becoming a top ten take out company as well as continue to be at the top in competitions for wings and sauces. Another goal is to have established a large foothold within the Midwestern area and gain a following from the people of the areas we expand to. Situation Analysis

The greatest threat for competition in the Midwestern Area would definitely be dine-in chicken/wings restaurants that also have a bar. Their major competitive advantage is that they offer a sit down dining area that is very attractive to the city or town where they decide to build. Also, this potential competition offers alcohol, which is a major draw to college students. While only being a take-out establishment is a disadvantage, it is also an advantage for Wing Zone because take-out restaurants are very popular. With people living busier lives now than ever before not everyone has enough time to go to a restaurant and sit down waiting to be served, such as at Buffalo Wild Wings. After pulling a long day at work many people simply want to pick up a meal and take it home to their family. Because of this type of atmosphere Wing Zone would be able to place orders much faster than most dine-in restaurants because of the lack of a “sit down” crowd to cater to. The majority of the college students and locals that live in the Midwestern Area like to sit down with their friends and...
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