Five Types of It Operations Systems

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Five Types of IT Operations Systems
September 14, 2012
Mr. Joseph XXXXX

Five Types of IT systems for Company Operations
The Information Technology (IT) is everywhere, is the driving force how we access information, how business are conduct and how we live our life. This technology give companies the each of how remain competitive in the 21th century. Information Technology is a continuous growing field, the most important tool for business to growth, creating at the same time principal, rules that have been established to regulate the way how companies operate and conduct business. Every IT infrastructure is composing of a variety system; these are the five main types; •Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)

Management Information Systems (MIS
Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Expert Information Systems (EIS)
Office Automation Systems (OAS)
Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) is the process of gathering information into the system via the user or recognition software like scanner. TPS were among the first computerized systems developed to process business data, originally known as data processing. Management Support Systems (MIS) is the process in which all the raw data is transform into usable information and organized to be later store into a database. Where later can be retrieving by the user or be extracted into reports. Decision Support Systems (DSS) is the process to help users reach a decision when a decision-making situation arises. It uses data from internal or external database, it can query, as statistical analysis capabilities, spreadsheets, access applications, and graphics that help you extract data and evaluate the results. Expert Information Systems (EIS) Is a computer system that captures and stores the knowledge that imitates the ability of decision-making and ability of a human brain. Expert systems is created to solve complex problems by analyzing the data already exiting in the system , like a human...
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