Five Trends in the Restaurant Industry

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Five Trends in the Restaurant Industry

The number one growing trend in the restaurant industry is the idea of fresh, healthy meal options. According to the NRA a growing number of consumers are becoming more health conscious, and therefore looking better their diets. Restaurant owner have taken note of this and are trying to provide a healthy selection of food for its consumers. In fact forty percent of restaurant owners had budgeted more spending in 2010 compared to 2009. They are willing to pay that extra dollar if they are guaranteed fresh and healthy food products. (Ex: Hardy’s, Carl’s Jr.)

Another growing trend is the availability of a takeout option. In today’s fast moving society more consumers are finding themselves with less time to sit down and eat at a restaurant, so restaurants are trying to counter this by offering take out options. Let’s face it, many of us do not have the time to really wine and dine inside of a restaurant. The idea of a take option at some of our most popular restaurants is reassuring. In fact restaurant owner are having the dilemma of having to choose what kind of packing to put their to-go orders in, as this can be costly and has proven so over the recent year.

With a growing popularity in social networking, it’s no wonder why restaurant industries are trying to capitalize on the opportunity to reach out to such a vast audience. Over the years hundreds of millions of individuals having taken to social networking and restaurants haven’t let the moment pass them by. According to the NRA of the current restaurants who do not currently have social networking means, forty percent of those plan to join in the upcoming future. A study showed that forty percent of Facebook users are friends with their favorite restaurants, whom in turn get to learn about specials, which then get past on to the users friends. It is a great way to get the word out about current specials and promotions. Advances in technology always play a big...
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