Five Star and Amtech

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Five Star and Amtech
Travis Huggard: G00059703
Professor: R. Todd Kane
Grantham University

Five Star and Amtech
When deciding which type of culture was dominant at either 5 Star or Amtech, I had to look at what type of culture their presidents represented. For example, the president of 5 Star, John Tyler “believed that 5 Star was the far superior company, had effective managers, had clear responsibilities and jobs” (Daft, 2001). On the other hand, the president of Amtech, Jim Rawls, did not believe in organizational ideas, thought that charts were just a barrier in the way of the real job that needed to get done, and he thought highly of the people that worked for him. Five Star makes it obvious that they are an aggressive company, and Amtech is more in the line of kindness brings productivity.

After examining the two types of cultures, 5 Star represents a clear achievement culture. They make it no secret that they are competitive, even to the point of acquiring Amtech. 5 Star also runs everything in an organization fashion that promotes aggressiveness and diligence. They may lack a little in the personal initiative category of the achievement culture, as their managers did state that they “wish for more empowerment opportunities” Daft, 2001. But even this was not enough to make me change the classification. Amtech represents the culture of clan, as evidence in the way that they promoted face-to-face communication and fairness by rotating jobs so everyone knew how company operations were managed. At Amtech, employees were committed and collaborated often, demonstrating agreement, a value of clan culture.

After examining both companies and the way that their presidents conduct business, I am not so sure that there is a culture issue or gap. I did not read anywhere that each particular company’s employees desired for one culture, but worked in another, minus those managers that for more opportunities to be in charge. Each company had...
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