Five Reasons Why Green Marketing Is a New World

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5 Reasons Why Green Marketing Is a New World
Unlike the physically bounded geographic world, the “new frontiers” of marketing are continually emerging for the next great advertising explorers. However, just as Giovanni da Verrazano’s explorations led to his demise at the hands of cannibalistic natives, overly audacious marketing adventures can be fatal; if not to your life then to your product. The combination of ethical circumspection, smaller budgets, and divergent markets for green products necessitate the abandonment of old forms of marketing, while still playing it safe enough to avoid potentially lethal detours. As with the emergence of any new enterprise, the flexibility of undefined practices has put a penumbra over the efficacy and relevance of green marketing. To succeed in making green marketing a reputable undertaking, boldly going where no marketer has gone before is not only a prerogative, but an obligation. The Use of New Formats

In this instance, traditional marketing, although continually inundated with slight variations upon the master theme, is considered to be those efforts that utilize the medium of paper. For the vast majority of small businesses, including locally produced environmentally friendly products, a quick and easy marketing effort involves the production of pamphlets, fliers, and other paper based advertising materials that are cheap to produce and easy to distribute. Unfortunately, these communicados are dispersed indiscriminately to local consumers, many of whom are uninterested and quick to trash the intrusive and unimaginative efforts into the closest trashcan or worse yet, quite literally throw them out the window. These materials continue to contribute to pollution and recycling problems without yielding significant results. For companies touting the environmentally friendly aspects of their products, consumers view the hypocrisy of producing wasteful and polluting advertising as a reflection of ethical ambiguity on the...
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