Five People You Meet in Heaven

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Terrell Moore
Org 110-12
Ms. Kirstein Jorgensen
November, 13, 2012

Five People You Meet In Heaven

The five people you meet in heaven is to say at least, an interesting book since the beginning where it ends since most books start at the beginning. What makes this different this one starts at the end, where we find a man named Eddie who dies while trying to save a girl from a amusement park ride falling. Then he goes to heaven and finds out that heaven is a place where you meet people who made a difference on your life, good or bad. So he meets his five people there, also the book gives an interesting account of his life from Eddie childhood days up too his war days to the final hour of his death. The reason for the whole cause of Eddie death is due to a screw up by the amusement car rider dropping a key in the hole causing the cable to snap, than a girl Amy had got wedged under the ride and then she dangled for her life so she falls and Eddie using all the strength left in his body lunges to catch her and then nothing. So what happened just wait till we go to heaven.

Person One Called the Blue Man the reason his name is that is due to the fact that his skin is the color of a blueberry. The blue man tells Eddie about a wooden coaster. Than Eddie ask how did I die and the blue man says an accident, nothing else so than the man proceeds to tell him about all that will happen to him why he is their reason he is there he will meet five people who were in his life for a reason or another. He says this is too “Help you understand what happened in your life he says you will see others like me some you knew others you didn’t but they all crossed your path before you died. Then he explains to Eddie how he became the blue man, from ingesting to much silver nitrate. Eddie finds out he is the reason for the cause of death for this man who was driving a car, when Eddie was eight due to he dropped a baseball and went to pick it up and the...
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