Five Paragraph Story

Topics: Horse, Summer, Mammal Pages: 2 (871 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Tom wakes up on a very sunny morning ready to leave his house, not excited for his summer vacation. Tom starts his summer by winning a one person ticket to go to Texas for a visit to the famous Old Texas Ranch for two and a half weeks staying on the ranch. He thinks how his trip is going to be since Texas is a very hot state to be in, how he will adapt to the weather, air quality, and food. Tom was a person that was interested in technology and geography. He is currently thirty two years old, married to Elizabeth who has gone on vacation in California to meet her parents. It will be seven to eight hours trip with fears, tension, and misery. As his emotions and thoughts were already what made him approach to the airport without knowing as his best friend drops him off at the international airport of his town Boston Massachusetts. The security check at Boston was very long since it was the start of summer vacation except me a person that won the raffle which thought was a place somewhere interesting. Tom was exhausted from the long line but he actually was happy since he a boarded on the plane. As he was thinking how the ranch was going to be his first time seeing a horse in front of him it was going to be a scary moment since he didn’t like animals they were always dirty roaming around with no cleanliness. It was eight a.m. as he arrived at Texas International Airport it was a very long flight and his body was hurting from no comfort. He knew that if he had stayed home he was going to be lonely with going to work and coming back as a daily routine every single day. His wife was coming next week from when he returned to his hometown Boston. The airport was huge as it took an hour to get from the airport he didn’t know where he was going except the address on his winning ticket flyer. There was so many taxis outside the airport which were a unusual blue color, in America its yellow. The Taxi looks at the address Tom wanted to go as the driver responds very...
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