Five Models of Organization Behavior

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* sFive Models of Organizational Behavior:
Factors| 1)Autocratic| 2)Custodial| 3)Supportive| 4)Collegial| 5)System| Basis of model| Power| Economic resources| Leadership| Partnership| Trust, Community| Managerial orientation| Authority| Money| Support| Team work| Caring,Compassion| Employee orientation| Obedience| Security&Benefits| Job performance| Responsiblebehavior| Psychologicalownership| Employee psychological result| Dependenceonboss| Dependenceonorganization| Participation| Self discipline| Self-motivation| Employee needs met| Subsistence| Security| Status&Recognition| Self actualization| Wide range| Performance result| Minimum| Passivecooperation| Awakeneddrives| Moderate enthusiasm| Passion & commitment to organizational goals.|

Autocratic Model:-
In an autocratic model the manager has the power to dominion his subordinates to do a particular job. Management believes that it knows what is best for an organization and therefore, employees are necessary to follow their orders. The psychological result of this model on employees is their increasing dependence on their boss. Its main weakness is its high human cost.

Responses of employees:-
Under this model the employees are filled with insecurity, frustrations, and aggressions toward their boss. So the autocratic model was intensely disliked by many employees. Some employees perform higher performance because of internal achievement drives, because they personally like their boss.

Custodial Model:-
This model focuses better employee satisfaction and security. Under this model organizations satisfy the security and welfare needs of employees. Hence, it is known as custodian model. The basis of this model is economic resources with a managerial orientation of money. The employees in turn are oriented towards security and benefits and dependence on the organization. The employee need that is met is security. The performance...
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