Five-Minute Artist Profile: the Prodigy

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I propose to make a five-minute artist profile for a radio program production about an English band from Essex, The Prodigy. This profile will contain three minutes of information about the band and its history given by my self and 2 minutes of their music introduced by me also.

Report on constructing Five Minute Live Recording

Program Type

Artist Profile on The Prodigy

I chose The Prodigy for my artist profile, as they are one and the best of many musical groups and artists that have had a significant influence on the development of music during my adolescence.

Artist Profile Research

Having been given only five minutes on a program dedicated to the artist profile, I researched the Internet for a few tips on the band and I chose the most influential and interesting text written by a few people who placed biographies in the Internet on the history of the group, adding into from my own knowledge about them. I also left out less important stuff as well as present day events and information about the band.


Here are few web addresses that I sourced the information from while searching The Prodigy:


Writing and editing script

After having examined the Internet and recalling about the band, I began writing a script using prepared notes and a reliable English dictionary that helped me a lot while I was working on it. I decided to focus on the beginning of the band's career, and a few major events that have affected the career of the band and their impact on the music scene and how it has developed over the years. It wasn’t easy working on it, since English isn’t my first language. I want it to sound as if it has a pinch of original flavour and is easy to understand by a listener. After a large dose of acquired information about the...
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