Five Minds for the Future

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Five Minds for the Future - Howard Gardner
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About the Author:
Howard Gardner is a renowned American Psychologist and writer who currently holds a position as an adjunct professor at Harvard University. Among numerous honors, Gardner had received a MacArthur Prize Fellowship and honorary degrees from twenty-nine colleges and universities, including institutions in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, South Korea and Spain. In 2005 and 2008, he was selected by Foreign Policy and Prospect magazines as one of the 100 most influential public intellectuals in the world. Gardner’s famous books include Responsibility at Work, Changing Minds, Good Work: Theory and Practice, Multiple intelligences and Five Minds for the Future. Summary

This book revolves around the five minds that Howard Gardner perceives to be an ideal achievement for the future generations. Gardner believes that in order to overcome the challenges of the future, one has to be well equipped with all of these five minds. With a comprehensive outlook on each mind, Gardner presents in front of us, a beautiful arrangement of reasons explaining why he believes one should possess these features of a mind. He emphasizes that it may not be possible to achieve each characteristic of the minds mentioned by Gardner to the optimum level, one can always attempt to accomplish a certain level of each mindset in order to live a successful and balanced mind in the future. Gardner strongly believes that these minds prepare us to face the unexpected. Whereas these minds have played a significant role in the history, they are even more essential for us because of the array of externalities emerging in the future.

The five minds that Gardner throws light upon are:
1. The Disciplined Mind
2. The Synthesizing Mind
3. The Creating Mind
4. The Ethical Mind
5. The Respectful Mind
Gardner informs us that these five minds are chosen from the plethora of other mind characteristics that are essential for human effectiveness in the future. The reason why Gardner believes that these minds are more crucial to develop is that they cover the cognitive as well as the behavioral part of the human activities. They also encompass the needs of the society and the requirement of an individual in it. Gardner thinks that Education plays a vital role in developing all of these roles, however due to the ancestral conservation of the society; development of such mindsets has not been largely served by the function of education. We still do not encourage disciplines like liberal arts and social sciences to be a curriculum for the training of individuals. These disciplines help an individual identify himself and then realize his or her potential. Another strong reason which Gardner presents as a support for the need for the development of these minds is the fast track dynamics of the globe. With changes occurring within flick of an eye, one has to be armed with a mindset that can cope up with the ups and downs that these changes bring along. Hence science is not the only field that can suffice the need of human knowledge. We need to broaden the spectrum of our educational systems, for they largely rely on preparing us in a method that is now obsolete. Hence, the formal education systems are preparing us for the past, not for the future. Gardner signifies that the challenges of globalization need to be met with a holistic approach towards learning, where an individual is taught not just books, but lessons of life. Gardner regards the spiritual and humanistic stances to be strong players in determining an individual’s viewpoint towards life. Moving forward, Gardner describes each type of mind characteristics and underlines what steps a human should take to achieve the characteristic....
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