Five Major Types of Theories in Learning

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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There are five major types of learning theories. These five theories are; social learning theory, cognitive development theory, progressive education and other philosophies, social development theory, and attribution theory. Each one a different idea on learning and a different way it can be used in the classroom.

The first of these theories is social learning. This meaning a student learns the context threw social interaction. Through group activities the lessons are taught. Also learning through other forms of public activities. All the while the student is receiving feedback and suggestions not only from the teacher but from his or hers peers as well.

When talking about social learning there are quite a few different things that will play a role in the social learning experience. For one culture. When you interact in a group the chances are not everyone in that group are going to have the same culture. And when you have people with different cultures that it presents a learning opportunity.

When applying social learning to a classroom there are many things you are going want to keep in mind. Even though students are learning with each other you must come up with ways to teach the lessons so they are still learning. Also you most find a way to evaluate students individually even though they are learning in a social environment. So that as a teacher you can still grade each student on his or her knowledge of the subject.

An example of this would be an open group discussion of a topic possibly with a power point to go along. Give the students plenty of time to discuss the subject and learn together. Perhaps even take notes together. When enough time has been given then in time give an individual test to assess how well the student participated and took the information that was being taught in.

In Jean Piagets cognitive development theory it is summarized as each individual goes through four stages of cognitive development. When...
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