Five Major Management Orientations

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  • Published : October 20, 2012
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There are five major strategic marketing and management orientations that will be discussed in this paper: •Production Orientation
Product Orientation
Sales Orientation
Market Orientation
Societal Orientation
“The method of combining the different marketing mix elements (product, price, place, and promotion) to achieve organizational goals depends to a great extent on management orientations” (Akhter 2006 pg. 7). All the orientations play a part in the marketing plan, “each orientation has some dominant themes that influence decision making in an organization” (Akhter 2006 pg.7). The different marketing elements allow companies to be different and be successful. The goal of companies is to have a good marketing plan that shows consumers why they should do business with the company.

“Production orientation focuses on the manufacturing of product” (Akhter 2006 pg.7). Consumers want the best product and expect to get the best price for that product. In order for companies to be competitive they need to know as much information as possible about their competition. The market places a big part in production for a company, if the need is there it will allow the company to produce products. Companies try to keep expenses low when producing goods so they can sell the goods at lower prices.

“Product orientation focuses on building better products than those of competitors” (Akhter 2006 pg.8). Offering a good product will get a company loyal consumers. Many companies offer the same product so the company that stands out to consumers is who wins the business. It is important to offer a good product, many companies try to cut corners and it only hurts the consumers. If consumers are not happy they take their business to a competitor.

“Sales orientation focuses on the efforts of salespeople to expand sales and increase market shares” (Akhter 2006 pg.8). Companies want to grow within their industry and get as much of the market as they can. Sales people...
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