Five Languages of Love

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Five Languages of Love
All of us need all five forms of love, but there is one ( or perhaps two), that is our” primary language” and crucial to our feeling loved and care for. If our partner doesn’t speak to us in our “ primary language “ we feel as if something is missing, and we feel unloved, even if they are speaking to us their own “ primary language”. The other person may love us totally and completely, but we don’t experience what they say or do as being loving toward us. The same is true to them… we can show great love for other but if we are not using their “primary language”, then they feel abandoned and unloved. So, we need to learn to develop all five love languages, especially those of our primary partner. Your primary love language is evident in two ways: you speak it more often than the other languages, and you feel most loved when it is spoken to you. The languages are same whether you’re a romantic partner , friend or parent. The first love language is WORDS OF AFFIRMATION: Otherwise known as verbal appreciation, this love language applies when you need to hear, “ I love you” as well as other words of appreciation, words of encouragement, praise , kindness and words that build you up. If you don’t hear them , you don’t feel loved. How does this work? When we emphasize the positive, it encourages other people to be more positive in return. Second love language is QUALITY TIME: Spending time listening, sharing , teaching, reading in the same room, trips , movies, games , etc. Does your partner always want your undivided attention? This language includes quality conversation-not just being in the same physical space. Quality time means giving others your undivided attention, being available – looking into someone’s eyes while you’re speaking with them. Each about talking about things that is important, including one’s core belief and emotions. Third love language is RECEIVING GIFTS: also known as visual or tangible symbols of love, does the...
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