Five Key Elements

Topics: Meaning of life, Decision making, Thought Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: March 4, 2012
October 25, 2011
Five key elements to develop your strength  Being successful is not only having a degree in a specific career or having the perfect job. A successful man or women are those that have a purpose or a meaning in life. To develop a sense of purpose in life, people have to make decision and there’s when the problem begins. For students, it’s hard to make decisions when it’s about their futures. Being afraid of failing is one of the most common reasons that stop students from succeeding. “The article Purpose-Centered career Development: A Strengths- Based Approach to Finding and Purpose in Career” By Natalie Korsine provides the five key elements that reinforce the development of purpose, which is identify, self- efficacy, metacognition, culture, and service. The authors state, "Each of these areas is used as a focal point to help identify ways for students to recognize and rely on their strength in the development of meaningful career." The elements identify, self- efficacy, metacognition, culture, and service gives students a road to get started in making career decisions.  Identity development and career decision have been closely linked. Finding who they are as a person and their passion will help people make a decision in their career. Students need to find their skills and what they like to do or what type of environment they enjoy working on. The authors inform, "one’s vocational identity is formed through experiences and social, cultural, political, and historical forces within one's environment." Korsine explains that it’s important to have in mind that sometimes passions or skills come from genes and the environment people grow up in. Talking to other peers or family members can help people find whom they are.  Self- efficacy is the belief of one's abilities, when it comes to career decision-making. People sometimes find it hard to believe in their self, and they put a wall in front of them that...
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