Five Goals in Sentencing

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  • Published : June 1, 2011
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Five goals in sentencing;
Punishment is one of the goals to sentencing. It is the infliction of pain upon someone and is considered retribution for criminals who commit crimes. Society uses punishment to keep criminals from being repeat offenders and therefore I believe it is a favorable from of sentencing. However, with the new three strikes law, I do not agree with some of the statutes that are being set forth. Deterrence is the hoping that others while seeing someone being prosecuted of a crime will be deterred to commit the same crime. It is like the old saying, “learn from others mistakes”. Unfortunately some have to learn on their own. Most of the time crimes and the punishment will be displayed in newspapers for others to view in hopes that others will see this and not commit the same crime. This goal of sentencing I believe is very favorable. However, some people who commit crimes are strung out on drugs and could really care less what someone has been given for committing a crime and could care less what they are going to be given (sentenced) for committing a crime. At that particular moment in time, they have no vision of consequences. Incapacitation is when you put a criminal away and therefore diminish their chances of committing further crimes. If someone is a habitual offender then they may be career criminals. Then unfortunately some may not be able to survive in society and therefore need to be incarcerated for a number of years until later when they can be rehabilitated. I think this can go either way; it can be both favorable and unfavorable. Rehabilitation is the returning of someone to a prior state. This is always favorable. Every person deserves a chance to be rehabilitated even if they have a life sentence in prison. I think just because a person has a life sentence doesn’t mean they have to be a victim of themselves in prison. They can be of whatever use to themselves or prison life, they might as well make the best out of it....
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