Five Elements of a Cbis System,

Tags: Disintermediation, Automation, Outsourcing

Five elements of a CBIS System

…We live in the Information Age. To survive in this Information Age, one must acquire the relevant CBIS skills for one’s discipline, remain current and competent in these skills and effectively work in a diverse and global community. Otherwise, one will suffer from automation, disintermediation, outsourcing and off-shoring…”


It is a technological era. We need to have contact with all the happenings around us and it is only possible by Internet and for this we require computers. Another reason is that for handling large gulps of information, at all the levels, whether government, society or business, we need computer. As communications expand, covering more and more areas of the globe, more computers, for more people will be needed. Skilled works will be needed to operate the computers process the information and maintain the computers. The technology will advance one must advance with it.

There are 5 elements of a CBIS system.
1. People; people will use the computer system, and people will develop the system on a basis of requirement 2. Data; Data is a collection of raw facts and figures; CBIS is used to process that information 3. Procedures; are the actions used by people to process the Data, operate the system, data entry, communication and maintenance 4. Hardware; different types of Hardware are used for CBIS, imput hardware, processing hardware, output hardware, and storage hardware 5. Software; different types of application software are used like word processing, spreadsheets, databases, system software includes operation systems and communication software. These elements work together to form a computer based information system.

Key Concepts:

Flattening of The Organizational Hierarchy
Simply put it means decreasing the number of levels the information flows through. Where as most organizations have top management and middle management, the hierarchy, information would flow through...
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