Five Dysfunctions of a Team

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  • Published : November 29, 2005
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I found the book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team very interesting. I have never really set down and thought about dysfunctions of a business or a team for that manner. This really hit home to me because as I kept reading I found that I had seen some of the dysfunctions that the book talks about in my own personal work experience. After reading this book I know that I will be able to recognize theses dysfunctions in other companies that I am a part of. I really liked how easy it was to follow what was going on in the book. It all took place in a logical order. I think that the pyramid worked really well. I think that if I was part of the company in the book that the pyramid would have got the idea that Kathryn was trying to get across perfect. I want to focus on the five levels of the pyramid. Absence of Trust

I think that if you are part of a team trust is a huge thing. I understand why this has to come first. If you can't trust someone then you are going to be doing a lot of jobs by yourself and not as part of a team. I know that from my own personal experience that I have a hard time trusting people. I am always worried that they will screw something up and the job won't get done right. More times than not I would rather do it myself, that way I know that the job will get done right. In the summertime I work for my grandpa on his farm. I find it intriguing that he trusts me so much. He will send me out to the field with a $120,000 piece of machinery and tell me what needs to be done. He trusts that I will get it done, do it right and then get back home. I know other guys that are hesitant about letting others run their equipment because they are afraid that they will mess it up some how.

Fear of Conflict
I have never been the person that really enjoys a good argument. I like to please everyone and hate to have people upset at me. I really understand why this is a problem in the business world. Voicing your opinion is a huge thing. If you are afraid...
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