Five Basic Rare Earth Ore Beneficiation Methods

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  • Published : April 26, 2012
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1, radiation processing method
The main advantage of the thorium content of the different rare earth minerals and gangue minerals in the ore, the use of the gamma-ray concentrator to separate rare earth minerals and gangue mineral. The radiation processing method used for the preselection of the rare earth ore. At present, this method is not widely applied in industry. 2, the gravity separation method

The use of different rare earth minerals and gangue mineral density separation. The re-election equipment cone concentrator, spiral concentrator, shaking (shaking table). The re-election so that the separation of rare earth minerals with low density of quartz, calcite and other gangue minerals in order to achieve the preselected enrichment of rare earth concentrates. Re-election of the GF for the seaside sands production; in the rare-earth veins in the ore beneficiation is sometimes used as a pre-enrichment means. 3, the magnetic separation method

Some rare earth minerals with weak magnetic. You can use them and the associated gangue and other minerals different than the magnetic coefficient, using different magnetic field intensity magnetic separator (magnetic the separator) to the rare earth minerals and other mineral separation. Beneficiation of beach sands, often using low intensity magnetic separation of ilmenite and monazite; can also be used to high intensity magnetic separation of monazite and zircon, quartz lamp mineral separation. In order to simplify the flotation process and save the flotation agent in ore beneficiation of rare-earth veins, sometimes using strong magnetic pre-enrichment of rare earth minerals.With the magnetic technology continues to evolve, the high intensity magnetic separation will become more and more widely used in the rare earth ore beneficiation process. 4, the flotation method

Use of rare earth minerals and associated mineral surface physical and chemical properties of the difference, using the flotation method with the...
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