Fitzgerald and Character Analysis on Daisy, Tom, and Myrtle

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Ginevra King Pages: 6 (2214 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Fitzgerald and Character Analysis on Daisy, Tom, and Myrtle

Have you ever thought about being a writer? Fitzgerald was one of the most interesting and famous writers of his time.
I chose this piece because I thought it would be interesting to learn about F. Scott Fitzgerald and the characters in his book The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby is still relevant to today’s time because a lot that went on during that time is still going on today. People cheat on their spouses constantly, there is still alcoholism, and parties are a big thing that goes on. We still read this novel because The Great Gatsby was Fitzgerald’s best selling novel.

Novels and short stories such as The Great Gatsby get our attention because they are about people whose lives are just like ours. Fitzgerald was an American writer. He wrote things that happened in real life. Fitzgerald was not a serious writer. He just wrote because he loved writing.

Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896 in St Paul, Minnesota (VanDoren349). He was the only son(“Encyclopedia Britannica” 1). His parent’s names were Edward Fitzgerald and Mollie McQuillan. His father was an aristocrat and he was not successful. His mother was full of energy and provincial. F. Scott Fitzgerald was named after Francis Scott Key, who wrote The Star Spangled Banner(“Encyclopedia Britannica” 2). His mother, Mollie, inherited money from her aunt and it gave the family more money to live a better life(“F. Scott Fitzgerald: Childhood” 1). Fitzgerald lived in the time right before World War One. Racism took place and women could not vote. Fitzgerald’s parents were both catholic(Bruccoli 1). He was revealed to a wealthy life at a young age(VanDoren 349).

He went to St. Paul and New Jersey for prep school(“F. Scott Fitzgerald: Childhood” 2). When he was twelve he went to St. Paul Academy and wrote his first writing when he was thirteen(Bruccoli 1). It made it as a story in the newspaper at his school. He went to Newman School from 1911 through 1913. It was in New Jersey. He met Father Sigourney Fay during that time. He pushed Fitzgerald to his success. He went to Princeton University in 1913(“F. Scott Fitzgerald: Childhood” 2). Two of his good friends that he met at Princeton were Edward Wilson and John Peale Bishop(“Encyclopedia Britannica” 1). He started a relationship with Ginevra King. Then they went their separate ways and he failed out of Princeton University. He went into the army in 1917(Van Doren 349). That next fall he went back to Princeton but he lost all of the classes that he had(“Encyclopedia Britannica”1). He graduated from Princeton in 1917(“F. Scott Fitzgerald: Childhood” 2). Fitzgerald was the most famous writer during the Jazz Age(Coale 190). He was not a very serious writer.

Fitzgerald married Zelda in 1920(“F. Scott Fitzgerald: Childhood” 3). He and Zelda had one child named Frances but they called her Scottie(“Encyclopedia Britannica” 2). She was born in 1921. He moved to Great Neck Long Island during 1922(Bruccoli 2). Fitzgerald wrote a play called The Vegetable. He expected to be successful from this play. He and Zelda went into debt because his postman job did not work out. He wrote short stories and got out of debt. He lived in Europe from 1924 to 1939(Van Doren 249). One of his booked called This Side of Paradise made him famous(Encyclopedia Britannica” 2). The fame gave him opportunities for Scribner’s and The Saturday Evening Post. Fitzgerald started to drink(Bruccoli 2). People thought he was an irresponsible writer because he started to drink. He became an alcoholic because his wife became ill(Van Doren 349). He also had money issues. Other people believed that because of his success it led to his addiction of alcohol and his wife’s illness(Coale 190). Fitzgerald met Earnest Hemmingway in Paris(Bruccoli 2). He liked his wisdom and personality. During 1936 through 1937, this time was called “The Crack-Up”. It was a time of people being ill, drunk, and in debt....
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