Fitness Testing

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Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise Science

Describe & explain the protocol of one test for each component of physical fitness with reference to advantages and disadvantages (P1/M1)

The test that can be done for flexibility is the sit and reach test. To do the sit and reach test you:

1. Remove your shoes
2. Sit on the floor with legs stretched out in front of you
3. Palms facing down and put arms out straight in front of you 4. Lean forwards and slide arms along the measuring area and get someone to mark it. The advantages of doing this test are it is easy to do because it does not need lots of different equipment all you need is a sit and reach box and somebody to mark were you got too. Also it has lots of comparisons available because it is an easy test to do so lots of people will have done it. The disadvantages of this test are variations in arm, leg and trunk length can make comparisons between individuals misleading so comparing your results to somebody else it may give you false comparisons. And it is specific to the hamstring and lower back joints so it may not be relevant to other areas of the body.

Cardio vascular endurance:
The test that can be done for cardio vascular endurance is the 12 minute cooper fitness test were you

1.Place markers around the track in certain areas to help with the final measuring 2.Get everyone taking part on the starting line and have the person counting their laps on the side of the track. 3.Get everyone to set off and start the stop watch

4.Shout when 12 minutes is up and make sure everyone stops were they got too 5.Place a marker and measure were they got to.
The advantages of this test is it is cheap to do because all you need is a stop watch and a couple of cones and you can do this test with large amounts of people because the track is big enough to have multiple people running at the same time because they will all start and finish at the same time so they won’t get in each other’s way. The disadvantages of this is that pacing and practice is required because you have to run for 12 minutes straight so if you start off sprinting at the start then you will not be able to keep going for the whole 12 minutes because you will have wasted all your stamina. You also need to have high self-motivation to do it because to try your best just running around a track for 12 minutes is hard without self-motivation because you might not put the effort in or get bored half way round and give up.

Muscular endurance:
The test you can do for muscular endurance is the 1 minute sit up test were you do as many as you can in a minute. The way you do this is by:

1.Lay on a cushioned mat or floor
2.Knees bent at a 90 degree angle
3.Feet flat on the floor and hands on the side of your head 4.Sit up with your chest moving towards your knees and then return to the laying position.

The advantages of this are its cheap because the only equipment that you need is a mat and a stop watch it is easy to do and can be done in large groups because you can have more than one person doing a sit up because you start and finish at the same time so all you need is a partner to count how many you have done and tell you when the time is up. The disadvantages of this are if your partner is holding your feet then it increase the work of the hip flexors so it makes the test less valid because they are having an advantage. And it is hard to tell if the sit up is done correctly to be counted so people could get invalid results because 10 of the sit ups that were performed could not be up to the standard required.

Muscular strength:

A test that could be done for muscular strength is the one rep max test this is where you see how much you can lift of a certain weight in one go.

1.Start with 1 rep of a comfortable weight
2.Rest for several minutes
3.Increase weight and rep
4.Repeat step 1,2,3 until no more weight can be lifted

The advantages of...
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