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  • Published : March 9, 2012
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For my activites 3 times a week i will be undertaking two forty five minute sessions of bycicle riding per week. In addition, i will also undertake one 45 minute session of weight training. The cicyling sessions will occur in the afternoon after work. The intention is to follow the route below which is a *** ascent/descent. This route will change over the next few weeks based on my physical fitness progression and enjoyment of the cycle track.

The rational for the once a week weights session is because this is a very new and different activity. I also understand it is particularly important for women to focus on weight bearing exercises and not just aerobi fitness, for better health and bone strength later in life. Also, having never undertaken any form of weight training exercises this will be an excellent new experience which will be a complement my cicyling aerobic exercise. My current level of fitness could be considered very low. I lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle, working fulltime in an office of which most of the day is spent sitting in front of a computer. Once home, I often watch television to relax or spend more time at my computer.

2.Having not undertaken much serious exercise in the last few years, i have a number of short and long term goals. As i am a beginner, short term goals will be particularly important to me. This includes following through with my plan and timetable consistently every week and aim to progress to a higher difficulty level of training throughout the 8 weeks. Other goals are to improve my fitness level and muscle strength. Though this program is only for 8 weeks, it is my long term goal to continue with these activities I do not have any outcome goals as i am not looking to reduce my cholesterol or my weight as I am currently considered to be in the ‘normal’ range for my age and height according to the BMI index and my physician.

3.Weekly program
All activites will be conducted on weekdays from 5 pm onwards...
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