Fitness Industry in Australia

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Service Industry
Number of outlets – 3800 outlets in 2009 as per Australian Fitness Industry Survey 2009 (The Access Economics survey put the number as 1570 in 2007-2008, as compared to 974 in 2004-5) Number of people utilising their services: 1.73 million

Number of people working in the industry 23,000.

Characterstics of fitness industry:
* Low barriers to entry
* Existence of different formats e.g.
* Chains – franchise based
* Single – could be added on to a RSL or similar or self standing fitness centre * Personal Trainers – no set up cost or capital expenditure required * Person based - however over 80% staff is casual or part time.


Can increase membership by either pulling away clients from other clubs or else pull in new members who are not yet going in for organized fitness regimen. This sector is very competitive – 50% of clubs have between 3-6 competitors within 10 minutes drive. Hence

* Target general health and well being rather than body builders or metrosexuals – ie. Lower intensity work outs rather than heavy exercise * Promise health benefits
* Target family
* Link ups with health funds (like Specsavers) – most health funds offer can back for gym membership. * Segment target market by gender and/or age or offer special promotions for different life stages (i.e. mothers). There are already female only gyms as well some that females avoid due to overtly masculine sweaty atmosphere! * Promote disease specific package offers e.g., Asthma , Arthritis etc * Offer gym memberships linked with home visits by personal trainers * Offer packages to train clients in in-home fitness regimes accompanied by follow up visits to monitor progress * Build on Australian expertise in sports and sports training by expanding into the Asian market with an Oz themed gym chain. * Develop in home fitness regime like Zumba based on Australian/Asian...
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