Fitness Industry

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  • Published: October 18, 2011
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Industry Definition for Fitness Industry in Australia

The fitness industry can be categorized into four fields which are fitness sites, fitness goods, fitness media and fitness services. These field elements do not work in isolation but in cooperation and competition. Hence, there are arrows interconnecting the various field nodes.

2.0 DENT-PC Analysis

|Marco Force |Trend |Industry Impact |Opp or Treat | |Demographic |Age: Teens and early twenties participate actively in |Mid-aged customers are aware of the |Opportunity | | |organized sports. Middle-aged are aware of health and |importance of health so it is likely to| | | |fitness recently. |be a positive impact in the short-run. | | | |Disposable Income: Disposable income declined in 2010 |Increase in disposable income creates a| | | |but is expected to gradually increase in the next 5 |greater scope for spending in fitness. | | | |years. |Possibly neutral impact for geographic | | | |Geographic Location: Areas with pleasant outdoor spaces|location. Different activities may | | | |and nice weather tend to see lower demand of fitness |substitute each other during good or | | | |facilities. During winter or cooler months, indoor |bad weather. | | | |options become more attractive. | | | |Economic |Unemployment:...
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