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Topics: Health club, Dublin, Republic of Ireland Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Executive summary :
"A clear vision backed by definite plans,gives you the feeling of tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power" -Brian Tracy Executive summary :
There are many gyms available for the use of the public however very few people make use of this opportunity to join a gym and stay healthy and fit.Leo gym is a gym is a gym which meets the needs of a customer with huge success using various strategies. Customer service is the central importance of body we explain why this is important and give you some tips for success .clients feel comfortable using the wide range of modern equipment and facilities to be used in a gym.we are also providing a numerous physical and productive activities including yoga ,dance classes, cafe and many more,and our building is centrally located and can be easily accessible which is specially designed. In the recent times being healthy is very essential,for being healthy there are lot of physical activities ,one search and the best activity what we feel is to launch a gym. Leo gym is unique club which promises the healthy and balanced life Mission statement-

Club mission is to provide fitness solutions to the clients by our multilingual and friendly staff. To create an awareness of fitness and health benefits of staying healthy . COMPANY SUMMARY-
The Leo gym center is a modern gym which is centrally located and can be easily accessible. Our fitness center is 10,000 square feet which is specially designed. The Leo club center is located at center of the city in Dublin. The focus of Leo gym Center is to keep every customer get involved in the numerous activities and the services provided by the club. Leo gym center will provide fitness and health services which are high in quality and pocket friendly in cost. SERVICES-

The Fitness first Center has the following activities and services: * volleyball
* Table Tennis
* Fitness center with protein supplement
* badminton...
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