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Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Marketing, Psychology Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: December 8, 2012
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Case of Study:  "She makes fitness look like fashion"

In the case of study #1 the creative Director Bianca Kosoy is like the Joneses Familly . Her first goal is to advertised her compagny using a new marketing concept : lifestyle.

Equinox is according to the article a ‘’ fitness empire, with 55 high-rent locations nationwide’’, his success is based on the image Bianca Kosoy gives to the client. I think she associated a social image that people are willing to follow to sell. We can see it on their ad where they promote socialised persons ‘’ young blonde in a schoolgirl uniform (shirt, tie, knee socks, yes; skirt, no) ‘’. She associated fitness to fashion to a lifestyle , we all know that gym is paintfull and hard.

According to Waide Equinox is using an associative advertising ‘In order to increase sales, the advertiser identifies some (usually) deep-seated non-market good for which the people in the target market feel a strong desire.’’ (p 2 – Advertising Ethics ) The people in the target market of fitness (the tribe) are usually people who are not accepting their bodies ,who want to be more social , who want to look like the social person advertised by Equinox ad.

In my humble opinion , equinox for the customers is more than the idea of fitness( paintfull and hard ) but a way of integration of yourself to the society; that’s why they think that ‘’ sex and sweat, wellness and bad behavior’’ are the good combinations to satisfy their piramids of needs. .

Thereagainst the ad of Equinox ; this fitness club sells dreams because Equinox its not a Fashion boutique or a social group where you can socialized or a place to find a social model.

Most of the people who think that Equinox is the perfect combination of the pyramids of needs will find themselves unsatisfied ,unhappy and dissapointed like Robert Arrington's said ‘’associative advertising influences its audience to neglect the non market cultivation of our virtues and...
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