Topics: Exercise, Physical exercise, Strength training Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: April 27, 2008
There are many reasons to be physically fit. For some it is to perform there best on the field of competition. Others seek to be physically fit in order to impress that certain guy or girl. While others exercise to lead a healthier lifestyle. Whatever the motivation is for working out there are certain basic concepts of fitness that should be thoroughly understood before beginning any type of physical activity. There are three basic divisions of fitness: Health Fitness, Motor-performance Fitness, and Cosmetic Fitness. “ Health Fitness is important for the prevention and remediation of hypokenetic diseases, … also focuses on strength and flexibility.” ( Siedentop 171). Many people understand that there are many positive effects on a basic training program, such as increased strength and blood flow. Health Fitness is a byproduct of the other two main types of fitness, motor-performance fitness and Cosmetic Fitness. “The goal of motor-performance fitness is to perform a motor skill better, typically a sport skill” ( Siedentop 172). This type of fitness is generally used in athletes to improve their performance on a specific skill. For instance, a sprinter would spend more time working on his speed rather than his strength, where as a wrestler would spend more time improving his strength than speed. “ Many people engage in strength training simply because they look better and feel better when they do” ( Siedentop 174). Simply many people exercise to look better, our society place an emphasis on physical attractiveness, and many people train to look and feel there best. While generally the same, each division of fitness strives to improve a specific area of life. The most physically fit are quiet adept in multiply fitness categories. Being good in just one area can drastically improve your quality of life.
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