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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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The ball, the hoop, the concrete—the basketball court was a part of my world, and there was only one other part that could rival it, my art. Being raised in New York City meant that I bled blue, orange, black and white; the colors of the New York Knicks. Even though sometimes I bled more disappointment than pride, I always stuck with them because they will always remind me of where I belong, just as my art will always remind me of who I am. Every game that I watched, I watched not only for the scores, but for the inspiration. I realized that the reason I loved basketball so much was because with every dribble and every shot, the ball became more than just a ball, it became emblematic of our hopes and our fears. It is within this uncertainty that gives life to the game. Making us cheer for the underdogs, while denying their obvious lack of talent.

As a child I had dreamed of becoming a basketball player, just standing in the center of the stadium, drowning in the cheers. However, it wasn’t basketball that gave me my first thrilling sensation, it was my art. Ever since my youthful school art programs, I’ve grown into an artist that has become truly committed to his audience. My first great moment of overwhelming pride and joy was during my high school fair, where I was flattered and complemented to the point that everything seemed so surreal. I couldn’t believe the attention my art was attracting, and the smiles on the spectators’ faces made me feel like I had just won the NBA championship ring. Basketball will always be my love, but art has now become my world. During my third semester in the New York City College of Technology, I took classes in communication design such as, 2D drawing, Figure Drawing, life drawing, typography, photography design and graphic design. These classes nurtured my understanding of the critical elements in design, while fueling my thoughts and imagination. I learned that every style has its unique properties, and as I became...
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