Fit Crackers Market Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Marketing strategy Pages: 10 (2374 words) Published: November 30, 2012
MKT 201Sec: 07

Submitted To:
Mr. Abul Khair Jyote

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Group “Innovi”


MD. Asif Chowdhury,ID: 1010498
Nafisa Khan, ID:1020718
Tusher Mahamud, ID: 1127026
Shadia Tahsin, ID: 1221675
Yasmin Jahan, ID: 1127036

Submission Date: 25th november 2012

ASSIGNMENT ON: “Fit Crackers”


We would like to thank our respected course instructor Mr. Abul Khair Jyote to give us such an opportunity to make a group report on a product’s market analysis. We also want to give him a special word of thanks for his persistent guidance and encouragement at all stages of this work. We consider it a great opportunity to have a share of his knowledge and experience in the field of marketing. And we want to thank the Pran foods company’s employees for giving us such valuable information. We also want to thank our guardians, seniors and friends who help us to make our report valuable and complete by giving information and their valuable perceptions.

Topic Name| Page No.|
1. Executive Summary| 1|
2. Introduction * Company overview * Product| 2-32-33| 3. Marketing Mix * Product * Price * Place * Promotion| 44444| 4. Market Strategies * Market Segmentation * Target Market * Market Positioning| 5-655-66| 5. Practice of Marketing Concept| 6|

6. Building Customer Relationship| 6-7|
7. Customer Relationship Group| 7-8|
8. Competitors| 8|
9. SWOT Analysis| 9|
10. Ad Analysis| 10|
11. Product Life Cycle| 11|
12. Conclusion| 11|

Executive Summary:
Fit Crackers is a product of Pran Food Company. It starts the journey in 2012 with milk favored biscuit. Slogan of this product was “ESE GELO CRISPY CRUNCHY FIT CRACKERS EKBAR KHAN R TOTALLY CRAGY HOYE JAN”. Weight of this product is 130gm and price is TK.30. In market segmentation it does not focus only a special group. It divides market into multiple segments like demographic, Psychographic segmentation. It uses different target marketing strategies for its several customers. Its target customers are children, young people. That is why it uses milk flavor, sweet and healthy ingredients. It holds a great position in the consumer mind by creating good taste of biscuit also favorable price for every class of people. To build a good relationship Pran always handle their consumer promptly. PRAN view their consumers’ as their king. They build and maintain profitable customer relationships via endorsing consumers’ satisfaction. It also maintains good customer relationship. At the beginning of Fit crackers it has good demand in the local market. But day by day competitors are increasing by offering more variety product with fewer prices like Fnf crackers by Danish group. In the SWOT analysis it has good chance to hold market also have weakness & threats to escape from the market. Pran fit Cracker has an Ad which telecasts on Tv also it circulates Ad on some newspaper. This ad actually dictates that people who love craziness especially the younger can enjoy it more to feel their craziness. Fit Crackers starts its life cycle from introduction with great effort and successfully hold in the market but due to increasing competitors its now in maturity stage which is not good for Pran. At last we can indicate that to survive in the competitive market Pran have to come with new variety taste of fit crackers like Fnf Crackers with attractive price by providing superior taste than other competitors.

Page No. 01

We analyze the market of “Fit Crackers” a product of PRAN Foods Company. The introduction part divided into two sections one is about company and the other one is about the product. Company Overview:

“PRAN” is currently one of the most admired food and beverage brand among the peoples of Bangladesh. PRAN started in 1981 as a processors fruit and vegetable in Bangladesh. All the PRAN products are produced as...
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