Fishkilling Is Sudden Change of Weather

Topics: Tilapia, Fish, Aquarium Pages: 3 (365 words) Published: April 3, 2012


Fishkill or many fishes found dead in fish pens during sudden change in weather.


1-Tons of fish reported dead around Taal Lake and in Bolinao, Pangasinan.

2-Mostly bangus or milkfish and tilapia are found dead in these places.

3-Bangus and tilapia are not bought by people in the market.

4-Rains occur after hot days.


Sudden change in water temperature and lack of oxygen affects how fish lives in water.


Using an aquarium measuring 10” x 12” x 14” filled with six gallons of tap water.

Live tilapia fish about 7.5 centimeters long is put in the aquarium.

Leaves are used to block oxygen in the water.

Warm water is put into the aquarium to change the temperature.


1-Fishes swim fast if he aquarium is not filled with much fishes.

2-Fishes change the way they swim if aquarium is filled with more fishes.

3-Fishes are much affected when leaves are put on top of the aquarium.


|No. Of Fishes |No. Of Leaves |Quantity of Warm Water |Movement of Fish | |15 pieces of tilapia |zero |None |fishes swim lively | |25 pieces of tilapia |5 pieces of leaves |None |fishes swim but look bothered | |35 pieces of tilapia |25 pieces of leaves |Half gallon |fishes swim slow and look tired, 3 | | | | |fishes died after one hour |


I therefore conclude that behaviour of fishes in crowded aquarium change. They swim slower and look bad which have caused the death of the three tilapias. The fishes were badly affected when warm water was added to the aquarium....
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