Fishing Steps

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How to Fish
Do you need help finding a fishing location? Do you want to know how to find out what you fishing for? Do you want to know when the best time for fishing is? Don’t worry with the steps and techniques you learn from this paper you will ask no more questions. These steps I am using now I have been using for years and have never failed me. Photo by Google Images

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First you want to find a location of where you are going to fish. You can do this by using the web to figure out what are some good fishing places like areas with moss and weeds covering the water or areas with broken down trees laying in the water are usually the best places to find fish, also you need to find out what kind of fish that place holds. Or you could go drive around ask experienced lake front owners how the fishing is, what time they go out, and what do they usually use for bait, that is the best because the actually have experience and years of living there so they can tell you their techniques that will get you catching the most fish. Photo by Google images

Photo by Google images

Second you want to get your bait. There are many types of bait one being a lure mainly for reeling in the whole time and not letting it sit on the bottom more for bass and walleye that are top water fish meaning they swim near the surface of the water. There is live bait which is like worms and they sit at the bottom of the lake usually catching blue gill or catfish being bottom water fish because they stay at dark areas at the very bottom of the lake/river. The last bait you can get is rubber worms, which comes in a package that you hook a lure to and bounce up and down on the water that usually is a top water fish to because it will stay at the top of the water. Photo by Google Images

Photo by Google Images
Photo by Google Images
Photo by Google Images
When setting up your pole you first want to make sure the string is strung through every hole by slowly pushing the...
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