Fishing Indiustry Thesis

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The sultanate, with a 1700 km-long coastline extending from the Musandam peninsula at the entrance to the gulf in the north to the border with the yemen republic in the south has extremely rich fishing grounds. Until 1970 the economy of the sultanate was almost entirely based on agriculture and fishing. And was a subsistence economy. Great efforts have been made since 1970 by the government to develop the industry. More than 150 species of fish have been identified in Omani water, such as, sardines, groupers, tuna, sharks, kingfish etc.. This report aims to answer the following general question:

1) Do you think fishing industry is helping the county’s economy? 2) What is the best way to increase fishing industry?
3) Raising fish in aquariums can be the best way to save them from danger? This report is written to provide viewers with new information: The fishing industry employed 26,940 registered fishermen operating 12,248 small craft. During the fourth Five Year Plan an industrial fishing fleet was created, while 8 large ports and 16 smaller ones were built and equipped with cold-storage plants and processing facilities. The re-birth of Oman's local fishing industry really began in 1978 with the introduction of the Fishermen's Incentive Fund. By providing financial assistance for the purchase of small fibre-glass boats with outboard engines, the Fund enabled fishing communities that were in danger of disappearing to revive their fortunes. This report consists of several parts. The table of content it shows the topics are included in the report. In addition, an Introduction it includes general information about the topic. Further, the Methods it includes brief steps of making the report. Besides, Review of related Lecture Review. Moreover, the Findings: it is a summarising to the data in the questionnaire. Also, Conclusion: it is a brief summary of the report. Finally , the Recommendation: provides the viewers with good advice.


At first our lecturer divided us into seven groups. Our group has contained four members. The whole group started searching a topic for our report. Our group selected a very interesting and unique topic. “Fishing Industry in Oman” as our topic. Next, our group members started searching for different types of information about our topic in different ways. After that, we started our submitting first draft of questionnaire and introduction. Then, we started editing our first draft and submitted it again for some corrections. Next, the questionnaire was distributed to the students of HCT. One of the group members collected the data from the questionnaire and prepared the tally sheet. After that, we started working on our findings. And made graphs for the first ten questions. As soon as we finished our finding, we submitted our first draft to our lecturer. Next thing, we started working on finishing our report starting with our recommendation, conclusion and resources. As soon as we finished our report we submitted our first draft of our report. After that, we started working on PowerPoint to prepare our presentation.

Review of Related Literature
With 2,092 kilometres (1,297 miles) of coastline running from the mouth of the Gulf in the north to the border with Yemen in the south, Oman has very rich fishing potential which has yet to be fully developed. There is a 200-mile exclusive economic zone which extends from Oman out to sea and over 150 species of fish and crustaceans have been identified in Omani waters ranging from tuna and crayfish to lobster and shrimp. Large amounts of lobsters are caught off the Masirah islands and off the coast of Dhofar, and they are exported to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates where they are in great demand. In 1998, approximately 26,940 Omanis were employed in the fishing industry and a total of 116,780 tons of fish were caught. The number of fish caught per annum has been slowly declining over the past 20 years...
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