Topics: Sleep deprivation, Sleep, Fish Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Although it has been years, but Kassim can still recall vividly in his mind as if it were yesterday. Jolted up from his slumber by the clanking and sizzling sound from the kitchen. Only did Kassim discover to its joy that it was a holiday and he was free from going to school. Kassim was rather boring being doing nothing at home after his daily routine of washing and brushing. Suddenly, the phone was ringing threateningly. It was from his friend Ahmad inviting him to go fishing together. Kassim was much delighted and equally fascinated with the in invitation and agree with Ahmad without and consideration. After prepared all the necessary things, they started their journey to the river nearby. That was a sweltering afternoon, Kassim and Ahmad were sweating profusely while cycling forward their destination. Both of them were wearing hats for the sun was scorching and the heat was unbearable as it had never been raining for quite a long time. They selected a shady spot under a tree as they arrive at the river bank. They started to fishing after they set up all their things. Kassim and Ahmad were waiting anxiously for the fish to bite the baits. Soon, they felt sleepy and bored as the fishing rods did not have any response for quite a long time. They eventually felt asleep under the shady tree. Suddenly, Kassim was awaked by the sound from the bushes. He was watching carefully for the moving objects behind the bushes. Emerging stealthily under the brushes near the river bank was an equally hungry male crocodile stalking gradually towards him and Ahmad that still in a deep sleep. Kassim was totally frightened by the huge crocodile. He was trembling with fear and shrieking hysterically. Rather fortunately, Ahmad awoke instantly and he just realize that the crocodile was about to catch both of them. Ahmad managed to lend Kassim a helping hand by pulling him away just in time. They cycled as fast as possible to reach the village and told the villagers all about the...
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