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General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose : To inform people some information about Fishing. Central Idea: Fishing as a hobby and as a job.
I. Attention Material
Fishing Line(Handline)with hooks and sinkers(Weight)
1.”Have you ever tried Fishing??”
2.Fishing is so simple, what you need is some patience, fishing line with hooks and sinkers and some baits such as (Shrimps, squids, worms) 3.Hope you can catch some fish.(Picture).

II. Orienting Material (Backround Information)
1. Fishing has been very important for Egyptians for thousands of years. 2. Ancient Egyptians invented and implemented various methods for Fishing, which was clearly illustrated in tomb scenes and drawings. ( 3.Egypt’s fish production is 1 million tons.(According to FAO statistics 2007).

III. Central Idea
Here are the two points , I will clarify:
1. Fishing as a hobby.
2. Fishing as a job.

I. As a Job

A. Fisheries in Egypt is Fisheries in Egypt and one of the most important sources of National income . 1. The fishery operates in Egypt vast tracts of more than 13 million acres, equivalent to approximately 150% of the agriculture land. 2. Egypt is located on two seas ( Red sea and The Mediterranean sea) and The Nile river. B. Egypt has a problem of low productivity of fish in marine fisheries. 1 .For The Mediterranean: impaired fertility ,total fertility rate in the Mediterranean half fertility of the ocean 2. For The Red sea: bad exploitation for investments in tourism that exploit bays, beaches and lagoons in the establishment of tourist villages the patrons out of the dive and fishing rather than use Kamraba natural fish production.

II. As a Hobby

A. Fishing as a hobby is so rare.
1. Few people find fishing as a source of entertainment.
2. Reasons are: needs a patient person, special equipments, suitable place and weather.

B. The other...
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