Fisher Price Competitor Businesses

Topics: Competitor analysis, Marketing, Dora the Explorer Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: April 20, 2008
My Business’s Competitors
It is essential we research into our Competitor businesses as to ensure they aren’t getting too ahead in any aspects, e.g. if their technology is a lot more advanced, customers may choose to go there over us as they know they would then be getting more technology advanced products. Customers may choose to go there because they are offering something new and innovative. We have already seen how customers like Innovative and Enterprising products on Page , as they like things which are new and, what they feel, is the new trend. Also if their technology is above ours they could be producing products at a faster rate, and possibly of a higher quality. To ensure our Competitor businesses don’t get far ahead of ours, we have to continuously be researching them.

One of our biggest competitors for this product will be Vtech.

This is their new product to their Product Portfolio. It is a ‘Vtech Learning Laptop’, and is used for learning words and matching them to pictures.

Our ‘Language Laptop’ is a lot different to anything else on the market. There are a number of different laptop products in the Electronic Learning market, however very few which teach foreign languages, and none which will teach children to the extent of ours.

This is the ‘Leapfrog Leapster’, which is a hand hold console where cartridges can be inserted into. Most of the cartridges, which can be bought separately, are to do with cartoon characters, including a Dora the Explorer one, which teaches science, social studies and Spanish. This is one product on the market which does teach foreign languages to young children. However this product doesn’t concentrate on teaching languages, but rather on the cartoon’s ‘missions’, and many parents don’t know of it as a learning tool, where as our product will be promoted predominantly as one.

This is a ‘V Smile TV Learning System’. It has different difficulty levels, and can be a one or two player game. There...
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